How do I tell if the documents from Paizo are linked?

I linked them in the account part, can I view them or are they just in if I build a character.

Once you have linked your accounts, the titles that you own in your Paizo account will have a deep discount showing on them in the Pathfinder NEXUS source library/store. You’ll know the sync was successful if you see those discounted prices.

Paizo Connect does not allow you to unlock those titles for free, as the digital versions of the sourcebooks that we offer are a separate product and require a separate purchase from other versions of the books. :slight_smile:

It’s worth mentioning that you may wanna contact support, if you own the Abomination Vault from Humble Bundle in January, as the “Omnibus” apparently have another ID than the individual books.

Yes, there are several titles like that where if Paizo Connect doesn’t seem to be working, you can let support know and we’ll get that sorted out. :slight_smile:

Oh I thought that this was going to be something that where i fwe own the Piazo stuff we would just get access. I already bought the books, and the PDFs even. Paying 500+ for everything on top of what I paid for the books and pdfs… I don’t get why companies think that is going to be ok. I guess you have some people that are with that, or are not book collectors. I would have been willing to pay a monthly fee to have a tool I could use that accessed what I already owned. But I purchased Fantasy Ground Unity & All the DND stuff that went along with it, then I purchased Foundry VTT because my players didn’t like FGU, I spent money on DND Beyond. I’m done. I’ll not be another company’s whale. I’ll buy books I can hold on to forever, and I will play with people either in person or are willing to let me bring use a pencil filled in character sheet that I filled in paging through the books. Your site is well built, and I like it, but not 500+ and a monthly fee like.

I’m sure you know this, but you’re not really paying for the books. You’re paying for the conversion into a usable dataset (with the character creator, etc).

When you buy the book/pdf through paizo, you’re paying for their work writing and printing the book. When you buy a book here, you’re really just paying for the format conversion.

I’m with you though, I own most of my stuff on FGU (and the character creator in FGU sucks), so the prospect of rebuying is tiresome. At least paizo gives you a steep discount, that’s not something you’ll find from WotC

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I totally understand you and works like @Cereal said. It’s the same product but in a different format, so there are people who have worked in this. It makes your life easier when you want to create a PC or want to look for a rule, but it comes with a price. Of course, you could use another PC builder for free or Archive of Nethys. I love AoN but I don’t like the format.

The compendium is free. I’ve been using it.

I don’t know if it’s everything that’s in AoN or not, but I’ve found everything I looked for so far. (I don’t actually know what it contains exactly, I’ve just been using the search bar)