How do I view/cancel pre-orders

So being the eager beaver that I am, I pre-ordered the quartet of remaster books almost as soon as I could.

This afternoon I received an email with a code for Player Core for free and a link to the upgrade info post. (interesting that I did not receive a code for GM Core too)

obviously I now need to cancel my pre-order so I can apply this code. is there a hidden section of demi-plane that I’ve been unable to find where I can do this?

Not hidden - we just need you to submit a support ticket and we will process the refund(s) and queue you up for receiving the product keys.

I tried signing in to create a ticket but it’s giving me “Email address / password combination is incorrect”

also, as a site improvement suggest, access to our billing history and the ability to cancel pre-orders wouldn’t go amiss :slight_smile:

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Howdy! The support desk is a third party website, so it won’t use your Demiplane account credentials to login.