How do you even use nexus?

I’ve looked all over the place and I want to use the nexus thing but I don’t know how to bring people together and have it for my groups and now how do i connect the nexus to my groups

Hi Ryuu,
From demiplane there should be a button on the top right corner that says “+create” from there you can form a group. Then, from the group, you should be able to invite players to bring the group together. Once you have people in your group you can click on “my groups” on the top bar of demiplane, that takes you to the page from which you can ennable content sharing with your group.
Hope that helps.

Yes! What deltaarena just shared is a great guide for creating a group on Demiplane if you want to organize a game session.

For our NEXUS tools, each NEXUS has a menu in the top panel of the website, below the Demiplane top matter where you can navigate to find Sources to purchase and read, and a Rules Compendium for you to reference specific rules and information for the game that you want to play. Here’s what those buttons look like on Pathfinder NEXUS, but they’re essentially the same on every other NEXUS too.