How is everyone doing!

Hope everyone is excited about the announcement and is having a great day :slight_smile:

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Yep, you bet, Aaron Shanks (Paizo Marketing Manager) has been teasing me off and on about something big and this has to be it!!!

NICE one Paizo and Demiplane team I have to say so far!!



Pretty good. Excited to see where this goes.

Hello and salutations!

Very! Excited to see what develops down the road.

So looking forward to seeing the full product. Am loving what I see now!!

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i have really high hope for this since i am slightly disappointed in Herolab at the moment


I’ve got gas in my tank, food in the fridge and 2 lbs of coffee in the cupboard.
I’m doin ok. Hope you all are doing ok to. :smile:

Why is herolab disappointing you?

I almost bought stuff on herolab today … phew.

Waiting for the character creator to launch in demiplane. Currently my group fell apart so lets hope they get that running before my group of players gets their poop in a group.

Impatiently patiently waiting. : )

i forgot about why after so long

Doing good here! excited to see this community grow!

I kinda new to both Demiplane and Pathfinder 2e. It’s great here, very nice community and I love the implementation of the rules and books on Demiplane. :heart:

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Doing ok. Feeling a wee discouraged. Lately our group has been not having the best of luck meeting for our online sessions. Then everyone was geared up and ready and my router died at home. Face palm.

It’s all fixed now. I’m hoping next week is the charm.

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I’m cautiously optimistic. Not feeling the best these days, waiting for the inevitable shift in fortune.