How large is the Mutant Year Zero Fanbase on Demiplane?

Going into the stream and hearing there isn’t that much hype, it kind of made me think of who’s here, who wants Mutant?

I am definitely in that crowd and I believe Mutant is one of the best post-apocalyptic RPGs out there!

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I can definitely count myself among them! It’s a fun game to both play and run–whether for a short game where you focus on the dangers of this post-apoc world, or long-term where you can focus on base-building. Really great game!

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I agree! It’s definitely a great experience and a great Fria Ligan experience, I love having players choose creative builds with their mutations, getting attached to certain companions or locations, and even going into more genres such as horror or action adventure!

Here on Demiplane it’s fun to have it around! Hope to find more Mutants out here, we gotta rally for recognition!

I generally like the system (in all its different flavors), but MY0 really does some very neat things, and it has a good back catalogue as well!

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Im running a game right now that takes place in Boston. So much fun. The Ark is a derelict cruise ship.

We use Talespire for our VTT but play in person. Screen captures during play are great for capturing cool moments for a compiled slide show at the end.

Being able to reference rules from demiplane has been great. Can’t wait for character tools :laughing:

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That sounds awesome! The last M:YZ game I ran took place in Brooklyn and also used a cruise ship as The Ark. It’s a great, self-sustaining environment for the mutants to call home!