How to tell if I am using the Pathfinder Remaster content

Good Day,

When building a character I cant tell if I am using the new remaster content or the Legacy content. Is there a way to tell or a toggle I need to switch?

I was trying to make a Goblin Witch using the remastered content but I couldn’t tell if I was using it or not. am I just blind or dumb?? please help.

You’re not missing anything! We’ve shared this in a couple places, but probably need to share it in a few more:

While the new Pathfinder Core books are available today in the digital reader and rules compendium, that content will not be releasing in the character tools until our next version of the character tools releases in the coming weeks. We’re getting close to the releasing this next version of our character tools, and initially thought that we could have it ready for the Remaster launch today. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out for that, but the remaster rules will be available in the character tools soon - as part of that character tools refactor launch. :slight_smile:

The character tools refactor will include major performance increases and added functionality that will support the full release of Pathfinder character tools. We’ll share more about what this looks like soon, but we expect it will launch before the end of this year.


oh awesome,

Thank you so much! I will keep my eyes open as best I can.

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