How yo use Nexus Journal tools for DM's

I am new to Demi Plane and want to use the tools for my adventure ie.note taking, encounter details etc.
The group comes with default entries that I want to delete but also I cant seem to create new journal entries to contain my personal notes or items I want to share.


Hello! We have plans to update the journals and task in groups in order to make these a little more useful. Currently, you can have one collection of notes, that is by default titled ‘Welcome to Demiplane’ when you create a new group. You can re-name it, and then organize the pages of notes beneath it by creating and removing ‘Super Events’ which are your individual pages for notes.

So for instance, you might make Super Events for each of your character’s backstories, one with notes for your next session, and one where you track a history of what the party has done so far.

Tasks are pretty simple right now, but can be used in a couple of different ways, such as to give you a to-do list between sessions (ie. level up characters, create new magic item, etc.), but can also be a unique way to keep track of actions and consequences in-game. For instance, I’ve seen a group use them to track tasks the party was given, like “Save the old lady’s cat” and if they fail that task, then it’s easy for the GM to check back and remember that the old lady is grumpy at the party.

I expect that in the future, our updates will make it easier to use the journals and tasks in more flexible ways, for you to customize for your table. :slight_smile: