Hyperlinks that actually go to the rules please?

Pathfinder nexus:
Is there any way that things could be adjusted so that hyperlinks to freely available pages actually go to the thing they’re linked to, and not to the book purchase page? All the rules elements are free and almost everything that has a hyperlink can be accessed through search, so why deliberately add friction?

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It sounds like you’re clicking on links to sections of a specific book, and not tooltips that take you to the freely available game elements. We have both across the site, depending on what and how things are being referenced (ie. “For more information on x, check out this section” is usually going to be a link to a section in a book, rather than a rules listing).

We are working to add more rules listings to make it easier to find those rules quickly without having to go into the books, but depending on what you’re looking for, the corresponding rules listing might not be ready yet. :slight_smile: