I bought hard cover + digital but have to use a code to get my hard cover elsewhere? Explain

Why if i’m paying for the book from Demiplane do i need to use a code to get my Hard cover at Renegade Game Studios store for your region? Additionally why wasn’t that clearly displayed before someone make the purchase? How do i cancel my purchase and get my refund?

Hello, and I’m sorry you are frustrated. I’ll answer and respond to each individual point:

Because Demiplane is a digital tools service and not a physical book distribution service. We don’t have a warehouse with books to ship, but we’ve partnered with Renegade to provide a hardcover + digital bundle so both can be bought at a discount.

We do display the information in the product description prior to your purchase and explain the process here:

We don’t provide refunds for digital goods in general, but we can see what we can do if you contact our support team at support.demiplane.com.