I can't give players ratings or rewards after a session

So I keep forgetting to rate and reward my players after session and then I get an email reminder to do that. When I click into the link it doesn’t actually give me the option to do that. Is there a way to go in and rate and reward my players after the fact? I just want to make sure my players are getting the experience they should be even if I misclick or forget.

Thanks for reporting this. Could you share a screenshot of what it is you see on that page when you click the link? I just want to see what you’re seeing. :slight_smile:

Yeah it just takes me to the group page and drops me

From what I can see on our end, it looks like when you follow that link back, the reason you can’t rate your players is that it’s outside the 24 hour window you have to do it after the session ends, and not a technical issue. :slight_smile: