I have the set

So if I buy the books not from the website, but from amazon for example or a store, how do I put it in on this website to say “I own this book and I want to unlock it” or I just have to purchase the digital copy if I own the physical books?

Hello arithamonk, welcome to Demiplane!

The Demiplane edition of a book is separate from a physical copy. Purchases from other retailers do not grant access to the version on Demiplane (or vice versa) unless otherwise specified.

There are, however, unique situations where the licensors have deals including the Demiplane edition, or where you can buy a bundle with a physical and digital edition here on Demiplane.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, it does. I am new to RPG and especially this version of it. Do you know where I can get a mix of both? I love just having physical things but I want to be able to play here as well when I am putting in the information. I see the Republic City, Wan Shi Tong’s adventure books are a physical copy and the core book

Which book(s) are you looking for in particular? If there’s a combo option, I’d be very happy to help direct you to it!

Right now I am looking to get the core book and learn how to play, unless the combo is a good price LOL then I might as well get it all.

The Core Book for Avatar Legends? There is a combination offer right at this link: Core Rulebook Physical/Digital Bundle

Additionally, if you’d like to try out Demiplane with Avatar Legends beforehand, you can access the free quickstart rules here, which includes a number of playbooks, moves, and more built into the character tools at no cost.

You guys are great!! Thanks so much!

Glad I was able to help! Hope you have fun with the game. :blue_heart: