Idea for Item Sorting

Good day to all,

One thing that I think would make the Demiplane experience better is if you could see an item’s level when you are equipping a Pf2 character.

Right now, I have to have a separate tab with the complete item’s listing when I am equipping a character.
It’s alright, but I feel like this could be better.

Filtering items within the “Add an Item” by level, source etc. might be an UI challenge. There isn’t a lot of space to work with, but I think it can be done.

Another thing that would fit and would help a lot is if you could see an item’s level within the description.
This is already the case when you go to the main “Item Listing” page, but as of now, an item’s level is missing if you go to a certain item within the character sheet. I think an item’s level should be able to fit around the item’s name and price and would maybe even spare a player the extra tab while equipping a character.

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Thanks for the feedback! Part of what we’re hoping to accomplish with this open beta is to gather feedback about what players want to see in the tools, and what things might be improved upon as we continue to develop them. This is exactly the kind of feedback we’re looking for, so we’ll be sure to review it as we look to flesh out equipment management. :slight_smile:


It would also be nice to sort by item types:
Alchemical Items