Identical feats across classes (e.g. metamagic)

This probably requires some sort of official statement by Paizo, but right now the metamagic feats (and maybe other class feats) create a lot of clutter in the feat list.

The base metamagic feats are functionally identical, yet instead of having one feat with all the class tags attached to that feat, there is a separate one for each class that has access to it. What’s worse is that despite the functionality being the same, some of those feats have been phrased differently across different publications in ways that have no impact on the game itself.

Take for example the Reach metamagic: it is available to 7 different classes and written in two different ways (“You can extend the range of your spells” and “You can extend your spells’ range”), resulting in what is fundamentally a single feat taking up over a third of a page in the feat list.

Now, this probably makes sense for the way they are published in books, but in online format the redundancy seems unnecessary. It would be great if there was a way to group those feats together: at least the ones that are identical, or maybe even all together with an option to toggle between the phrasing used in different sources

If I am not mistaken there were plans for adding toggles for weak/elite/cryptid creatures. Having something like that for functionally identical feats would be great


Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll have to explore this further and see if there are any options available to us. :slight_smile:

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The same is true of feats (often ancestry feats (or heritages)) that do nothing but grant low-light vision, or darkvision if you already have low-light vision. So many identical feats with different names. I don’t think there’s much Demiplane can do on their own, sadly.