If I buy the Multiverse Core Rule book here, will I get the physical version?

Hi, I’m considering buying the core Marvel Multiverse through here, since I’m interested in bulding the character here, but I would also like to have the physical version of the book. If I buy it here will I get the physical version or just the digital book? Is there an option to buy the physical book that unlocks access to all options on Nexus? Sorry if this has been already asked I was not able to find anything that answers my question that is why I decided to post, if there is an answer already please just redirect me to it. Thanks

Purchasing the core rulebook here will not get you a physical version sadly.

I recently bought the Core book and Kang Initiative physical books on sale.
I don’t see anyway of using them with the character generator here, unfortunately.

If there is a way, please respond to this post as it seems like a great way to bring younger players into this system.

The electronic versions of the books here and on Roll20 are separate purchases. They are not linked with the hardcover book purchases. There is a QR code in some hardcover core books that grants you some extra perks for the Roll20 site, but it does not include core rules there.

Hello skaempf! KevinH is correct.

The digital and physical editions are two separate products, the purchase of one does not grant another. Keep an eye out for sales here (when we have one, we put a banner across the top of the NEXUS!), and check out some of the free characters on the home page of the Marvel NEXUS to see if you like the platform. Happy gaming!