If I purchase an adventure on nexus, can I import it into foundry like I can with the pdf?

I’ve read that if you want to play Paizo published materials for PF2e in foundry you can import the PDF and Foundry does 90% of the setup for you.

“You’ll have to put the monsters down and make the tokens yourself but all the walls, maps, lighting and journal notes for pretty much every published Paizo adventure, AP, one-shot, PFS Scenario, quest or bounty can be imported with one click.” - a Reddit user


To my knowledge, no one has integrated Pathfinder Nexus content directly into Foundry (yet), but purchasing a book on Pathfinder Nexus also unlocks the PDF (at no additional charge) on Paizo.com if you link your Paizo account to your Demiplane account.

So in the end, purchasing the content on Pathfinder Nexus would give you what you need to import into Foundry (if such an import from the PDF does indeed exist - I haven’t confirmed myself).


Just to clarify, if someone is truly interested in Nexus & PDF version together, the better/cheaper route is then to purchase on Demiplane than the purchasing first PDF on Paizo and take discount on Nexus. Am I correct?

Example: I see PDF book $14.99 Nexus but using it will only give $10 discount on Nexus.

Yes, purchasing on Demiplane is cheaper. The discount is intended to make it easier to pick up the content on Pathfinder Nexus if you have previously purchased the PDF before PFN was around.

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For completeness’ sake, the mentioned module is called “Pdf to Foundry” and does indeed exist.

It even imports the Beastiary PDFs to create tokens for the monsters.


Don’t be fooled by the Readme. The module works very well and reliable, even if the Readme claims it’s just a dirty script. :slight_smile:

That is fantastic news! Thank you

Where do I find the option to link my account? I looked in profile settings.

Found it!

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Paizo has released Pathfinder Bounty 1-5 on Foundry.

You can get more info here:

Update: the PdfToFoundry module is no longer developed and no new content will be added.

The existing content (adventures and adventure paths up to and including Quest for the Frozen Flame) still exists and still works, though.

The good news is that Paizo officially partnered with Foundry VTT and already released several premium modules (Beginner Box, Abomination Vaults, Outlaws of Alkenstar 1&2). These modules are discounted if you own the PDF of the corresponding module.

Since purchases on Pathfinder Nexus unlock the PDF (if you linked your Paizo account), you’ll at least get a discount on the Foundry modules… and obviously this works the other way around as well, if you buy the premium module first and the Nexus version after that, since Nexus also applies a discount for owned PDFs.

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