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Hey Everyone,

I was just scrolling through a couple of ancestries and wanted to take a closer look at some of the art that is in the books and to my dismay, I found that most of those images are very low resolution. Its really hard to make out details. Is there any chance those images could get an upgrade?

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@Omegon - Demiplane has been very helpful working with me in the past if they have access to what they need from the publishers. Can you give them more details on what book and where in the book so they can take a look at it?

Its like, every Book and every Ancestry to some degree.

The size of the images varies slightly and the bigger ones are almost okay imo but there are some that are just way to small.

some examples of the smaller images.


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Our images are uploaded at a much higher res that you seem to be seeing. For a short-term fix, try changing the width of the image in the url as demonstrated here:

It looks like you’re still seeing the resized/compressed image when opening it should give you the full size image. I’ll make a note for us to look into that when we can. :slight_smile:

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while also a little bit more work (and only as a temp workaround), if you get the url path after the image?url= and use that. you can get the super native.

using this as an example

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Is it possible to view high resolution versions of the rulebook cover art?