Initial Feed Back

My initial Feedback for the character create is mostly positive to start off with. I spent about an hour and a half for my initial impression to have some wieght.

so right off the bat I will start with the positives.

  1. The format is very user friendly and it helps seperate things that a new player might have trouble understanding on a traditional pen and paper.

  2. The time to create a level one character was roughly that of the Pathbuilder2e mobile App and for this to be on PC and not a easy touch screen shows that the navigation of the creation process is really good. I tried hero lab and wanderers as well as the Pathbuilde2e web version and out of all my PC tools this was definitley the most streamlined and easy to use. The layout beating all of them in my opinion.

  3. The character sheet section it self is easy on the eyes and very navigatable. It has all the character information sorted in a way that is comfortable.

Now for the Needs improvement

  1. Freezing options- This could be because I am using Firefox but I also tried google Chrome. A lot of the times it would take a bit for a selection to actually fully recognize and load up. Lets say I clicked the acrobatics skill to add, the button will turn light blue indicating a click, but it could be up to several minutes to register. I found that by clicking literally any other button it would force the selection to go through.

  2. Scrolling malfunctions- On a lot of screens but most particularly the skill feat screen the scrolling sidebar would freeze. on my level one character I got to the very first skill feat starting with O and could scroll no more. On my attempted (Stopped for this reason) Level 20 dwarven fighter It only got as far as the first G option.

  3. Some alteration to the filter system is needed…specifically instead of a generic filter each category should have their own filter system. While going through heritages all there was no way to seperate out for better use. This would especially be great for implementaiton on skill feats. being able to filter down to feats specificto a certain skill saving alot of scrolling time.

  4. My first character was a Thief Rogue and while I havent tried all options if they are anything to go off of then the character sheet phase needs more work to recognize unique options brought on by skill/class feats or Class Features.
    In particular there were two rapier option, one for strength, or one based off of finesse. That was great implementation however neither one recognized the thiefs ability to replace damage with dex on finesse weapons. So my rapier would swing for 1d8+0 damage

Those are my intial thoughts and results but over all this has been extremely positive and I look forward to tinkering around more later so I can give updated and more in depth feedback.

Thanks for the feedback!