Initial Feedback

The button to confirm an ancestry wasn’t 100% intuitive. The position could be closer to the center.

The small boxes that show available ancestry, background, and class selections (feats etc) aren’t super obvious, meaning that a brand new player could miss them. The confirmed selection box is clear, maybe because it’s filled out with color and includes text in addition to just a number. So maybe change the color or look of the unselected boxes to more clearly indicate that the user has selections to make.

I really like the visualization of skill ranks. Makes it very easy to see what rank you are. Maybe something like this could be added to the character sheet.


Im gonna just piggy back on this thread since it’s title is quite apt.


  1. LOADS of javacript errors during character creation, mostly GraphQL Update, or Icon Undefined is not supported.
  2. Character building is SLOW… I mean super slow. This might be a result of error and error recovery but super slow still.

First impression: Decent look.

  1. I REALLY like the filters for action type AND the grouping of Basic, Specialty, Exploration, etc. BOTH of these are features I would have expected to come later in testing.
  2. Im an “old guy”(50’s) but even for me, there seems to be a larger than warranted font on the entire sheet.
  3. I like the drop down for sub actions from skills… will be helpful with feats that provide a bonus to an activity once it comes up.
  4. Feats/Features. Again, the filtering is a really nice touch.

With all that said, I tested this on a PC of course as requested. The big thing will end up being how does it look/work once you say it’s good to start testing on Tablets/Phones since that will likely be the primary driver for players until Print to PDF is available.

Thanks both for your feedback. We appreciate it!