Initial problems I saw

I looked to see if anyone posted about this yet and haven’t seen anything and i’m well aware that they may already be working on but from what I’ve seen you guys still want to know just in case.

  1. The ability boost at level 10, 15, and 20 don’t work correctly. It looks like it is not reseting after the level 5 ability boost.
  2. if you decrease a skill after saving it will decrease the bar but will keep your training level and grey out the plus button
  3. i know you already know about the experience issue with the level up button
  4. the last thing is just a feature that you are probably working on but to sort feats and other things by level as well.
  5. also i can not seem to invite my group to the alpha, when i use the link in the email it doesn’t seem to realize i have access to it and therefore can not access a form to add their emails.
    but overall i love the direction and feel of it.

We’re looking into the issue with that form, and I’ll get back to you when we have an update on that front.

Thanks for the feedback!

If you can message me your email address associated with your Demiplane account, we’ll look into the permissions issue with the form. :slight_smile:

So I just came across something new, I sometimes use different browsers and after my issue with invite form I thought I would switch back to safari. however safari is not letting me make class choices. here is a screen shot of what i see. when i open the char on chrome I can make selections.
also I had to zoom out to see all my options in safari

Thanks for sharing! We’ll look into it!

just built a rogue and noticed that it shows a skill feat at level 2 but i can not make a selection and that skill increases are missing at even levels.

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just wanted to give an update. Loving the most recent updates, and spells are looking good.
I did encounter an issue with my wizard. when selecting the school specialization, I selected a school however my char is not receiving the bonus spell slot nor is the character builder recognizing i made a selection.


Thanks! That’s a known issue and something we’re working on. Glad to hear that you’re loving spells so far!