Initial Testing Feedback

This is my list of feedback for initial testing of the character creator.

First, I am loving the overall feel and idea of the creator. The tool seems pretty easy to navigate thus far and will only get better as its further fleshed out.

Bugs and Issues:

  • Haven’t been able to edit temp hp on the sheet. Not sure if this is a bug per se or just a function that hasn’t been added yet, but worth mentioning.

  • When selecting humans Natural Ambition ancestry feat, the menu to select the Class feat does not filter by the class you have chosen or by level, so quite difficult to find a qualifying feat.

  • When selecting Skill Training in the class section of the character builder, I noticed a strange bug. Training a skill (in this instance Thievery) and then untraining the skill caused problems in several places.
    Firstly, the Train Skill button for that skill becomes gray and unselectable.
    Second, in my case building a Fighter untraining a skill removes my Fighter Initial proficiency and also duplicates the options for both acrobatics and athletics (image included below for reference).
    Lastly, other skills that were selected as Trained are suddenly moved to untrained (image included below).

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Thanks for the feedback! We’re aware of these issues and working on a solution for each one. :slight_smile:

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