Initial Thoughts

I have been playing around with the character creator for a couple of hours and I have to say that I really enjoy it so far. I am pretty new to pathfinder but I have used a number of different character sheet tools in the past. So far, my initial thoughts are that it seems to be designed really well. I like how interactive the character builder is and it is pretty intuitive to use. Sure there are a few bugs, but that is to be expected in an alpha stage. I think that this is pretty awesome and I cannot wait to see what the finish product is like.

Here are some things that I really enjoy so far:

  • I really like being able to see what my choices are and what they do for the character that I am creating

  • The UI is very intuitive and easy to pick up. I was able to make a character in about 10 minutes and had very few issues doing so.

  • I like how I can see all of the actions that my character take in both combat and othewise, and the number of actions they cost.

  • I like how the character sheet is laid out

All in all I would say that so far, you guys are doing excellent and I cannot wait to see what’s next

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: