Intelligence Ability Boosts are Boosting Wisdom and Wisdom Boosts are Going to Intelligence (Update no they're not I'm just dumb)

Well I can’t delete this so I’m gonna just post what I did. I’m used to the ability scores going Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, so I didn’t actually check if that’s the case here and I missed that Wis is above Int on the table. Classic blind mistake. Nothing’s wrong here. Please feel free to have this post removed because I seem unable to do it. Or just read and have a chuckle. I’m good either way.
I dropped this in my initial batch of feedback shortly after the character builder launched. Has anyone else been encountering this issue?
Building a Human Fighter, Versatile Herritage. When I put a boost into Intelligence, it shows my score increasing in the builder, and it does the same if I boost Wisdom. When I go to choose trained skills though it only gives me additional skills if I put the boosts into Wisdom. When I go to the actual character sheet, I see that all boosts to Int have boosted Wis, and vice versa. Below I’ll post exactly what I did.
First, I created a Human Fighter, putting boosts into Str and Con, choosing the Versatile herritage and the Natural Ambition skill feat. Natural Ambition created a mess when picking the skill feat even after I chose my class, so I went for General Training instead.
Then I choose the Warrior background, putting the free boost into strength and putting the str/con boost into con.
Next I choose my class options. I chose Str as my key ability boost, and put my remaining boosts into Str, Con, Int and Cha. When I look at my skills to train it shows that I have 3, which is incorrect. I should have 4.
I proceed to make the rest of my selections but when I go to the character sheet I have an Int of 10 and a Wis of 12, even though I did not put a boost into Wisdom.
This seems like a super weird issue for just me to be getting. Has anyone else seen this behavior?
Update: Building an Orc Barbarian now. Everything going perfectly, and then I get to putting in my final 4 boosts. The Wis boost is still going to Int, and the Int boost is going to Wis. So it looks like it’s with whatever character I’m building.

Thanks for the update/edit. We’ll leave this here just in case anyone saw it and wants to circle back to see what the resolution is. :slight_smile: