Inventory Management is VERY rudimentary

Buying starting equipment still doesn’t seem to be in the character creation part of the tools, and it’s an additional step involved to add items to your equipment list and THEN deduct the money from your available funds. I hope that improving this is planned for a near-future step in the development roadmap?

(also what’s the status on Pathfinder Society Organized Play functionality?)

Hello, thanks for helping us in the beta test! We have plenty of development left to complete before the character tools are ready for a full release, but I can confirm that we have major updates to managing equipment and currency on the roadmap. We’ve talked about this on our Dev Update streams, which you can catch on Tuesdays at 9am Pacific on our Twitch channel!

We’ve announced that we plan to support Pathfinder Society starting with this upcoming season, and we’ll have more updates as to what exactly that looks like as we get closer to that date. :slight_smile:

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