iPad Cannot Select 1st Level Class Options

The first steps of character creation work fine (Getting Started, Ancestry and Background).

When you select a class you then see the introduction text (which closes correctly) however you then see a line saying “Class Options 0/15” and then many blank lines until you get to the Level 5 line.

No amount of interaction/clicking on the 0/15 line or blank areas results in anything happening.

Have tried it for both rogue and fighter with the same result.

If it matters the iPad is an iPad Pro 12.9inch 2nd Generation (updated to iOS 16.2) running the Demiplane in Safari.

Any ideas?

Thanks for this information. We’ll look into it and see if we can figure it out.

Having a similar issue on my moto G stylus, using chrome. The layout is a bit off, if you don’t hit exactly the right spot nothing happens. If you hit the same thing twice, like accidentally opening into text, the second time it won’t do anything. Putting it into desktop mode helps alot

Good to know. We are looking into this one. I tried to replicate it on my iPad mini with limited success, so we’re chasing some threads right now. :slight_smile: