iPad initial feedback

So far much better and intuitive than DND Beyond.
Just a quick couple of things I have run into:

  1. Scrolling does not lock to the screen size on my iPad meaning that on long pages the bottom option/s are unavailable on long pages especially on the Background Selection page.
  2. When choosing class features a black box is overlaid upon the first four level options.
  3. Instead of selected I when you’ve completed an option it would be more beneficial to state the option that has been selected. Eg “Str, Int” for boosts.
    I will be able to test more in-depth after Xmas.
    Thank you for the access
    Ross Wheeldon

Welcome welcome, and thank you for taking the time to check out the Alpha and provide feedback!

For 1 & 2 We’re currently not optimized for mobile support, but these are great feedback notes for when the team starts to hone in on that experience.

Passing on #3 as well as general feedback. Thank you!