Is Elementalist the Only Supported Class Archetype?

Just wondering, is the Elementalist currently the only class archetype we can add?

I think that’s the only one that has been Remastered at this point. The only other archetypes from the Player Core are the multiclass ones.

I suspect we’ll see more class archetypes remastered in the future. :slight_smile:

I got you. I assumed that they had been errated with all the other books.

I did look at the errata page and there’s no errata specifically for the archetypes. I know Runelord specifically wouldn’t work without errata because it uses spell schools. I’ll ask about it over on Paizo. They might just not have errated them yet :slight_smile:

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Hey, I wanted to ask about this again because I re-visited it in the builder. Is Elementalist still the only supported Class Archetype option? I enabled Show Legacy Content when building a Wizard and also enabled the Class Archetype option, but Elementalist was still the only option. I did select the remaster version of the Wizard so maybe that’s it, but I’m curious. Specifically I was trying to add Flexible Spellcaster from Secrets of Magic.
I know the archetypes with the Class trait did not specifically get errata when the remaster dropped, but I think most of them are already compatible. Runelord definitely is not but I think the rest are. Were these options just not added to the builder before the remaster?

I believe Elementalist may be the only supported Class Archetype at this point. Prior to pausing everything else to work on the remaster, we were adding support for archetypes and optional rules, so it may be that we hit that pause button before any other class archetypes were added to that list.

That makes sense. Some of them will almost certainly be tricky. I was confused because of earlier posts in the thread that indicated that the other ones might be available as legacy. Thanks for clarifying. If I could make a request, when you get to the point where you guys are implementing those it would be great to see Flexible Spellcaster. I think that one’s important because it gives players who are used to fifth edition D&D a version of prepared spellcasting that they’re more familiar with. Just something I was thinking about today.

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