Is Nexus fully functional and quicker yet? PF2e

Pathfinder 2e - Looking for current opinions of the UI and how well things are going with Nexus. I was messing with it quite a bit in alpha and found it unusable pretty much.


Just made a 1st level character from start to finish. There are still a few bugs here and there but I found it useable and nothing major. They added containers but things like the Adventurer’s Pack comes in a single item and not a container. So, I had to manually enter the backpack and all the items so I could add more items to the backpack container.

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Its still needong some polish. Slow to load initially. Things like player companions are still in the pipe.

Biggest missing point for me currently is ability to print sheets out.

All in the pipeline of course. The speed at which these guys are developing is impressive.


You can’t choose lore as skills yet, and you can’t assume it checks for prerequisites on builds. Companions and familiars aren’t there. It sounds like the remaster is taking the majority of the teams time coming up so we should know more in a month.

Yeah, the remaster probably threw a wrench into a lot of plans. I expect after the remaster release there will be a better grasp on what the road map has in store.