Is there a publicly available roadmap?

If not It’d be nice to be able to see a updated roadmap pinned to the
top of FAQ or Dev etc.

Currently I’m wondering what the target is for ‘going live’ with all 3 main areas.

Thank you.

It’d actually be really nice to get a roadmap. I know they project early 2022 for features to come online, but a roadmap would help alleviate the inevitable “is it actually going to happen?” for those that purchased from the Nexus already.

We have shared the Early Access roadmap in several places but I’ll post it here too:

Early Access Phases

  • Digital Reader
    • Rulebooks, Lost Omens, Adventures
  • Game Compendium
    • Spells, Items, Creatures, Classes, etc.
  • Character Management
    • Character Builder / Digital Sheet

It does not (and won’t) include dates - I’ve been doing this long enough to know that setting dates is a path to disappointment on all sides…

However, we have released Phase 1 into Early Access for Pathfinder Nexus, which is the Digital Reader, and more content for the reader is coming (very) soon - starting with Lost Omens content.

We’ll also release Phase 2 of Early Access soon (think days not weeks), the Game Compendium (game mechanics in a searchable, filterable database and “primers” that aggregate all of the rules from multiple sources in one place).

Phase 3 will introduce Character Management. This is the most complex piece, but we are in progress on it and will share updates as we have them.

We are still on target to introduce all three of the Early Access phases the first part of this year. Anything can happen (and sometimes does) to impact that, but we are on track as of this moment and are pushing hard to get there.

Here’s another look at the phases and features that might help:

You can stay on the pulse of our progress here in the Forums, by following us on social media, or by tuning in to our weekly Dev Update streams on

(We have longer-term features on the roadmap for sure, but this is what is on the visible horizon for us and what we are focusing on fully right now. We’ll share more about the longer-term things once we fully launch with these features.)



Thank you, I was wondering about the project times / goals of completion mainly.
Thank you for your reply.