Is there a way to have multiple heritages?

Hey all, for both story and mechanical purposes I would like to to build a Nagaji with both the sacred Nagaji heritage and the Nephilim heritage to go plumekith lineage. Mechanics and aesthetics I like the idea of the sacred Nagaji. I want to combine with the plumekith for a character whose ancestors actively hunted each other. If there is not currently away to do this I would like to suggest either a racial feat or background that would allow creating such a character or a general feat that would allow you to later add or discover the planar ancestries to an existing character.


While officially I don’t believe there is a way to add additional heritages (at least, not yet… Someone correct me if I’m wrong, Pathfinder has so many options!), you can still do this in the Pathfinder NEXUS builder if your GM okays it! When you’re on the Ancestry section of the builder, you can find a cogwheel icon on the top right. Clicking that will let you select to ‘ignore limits’ in that section. When you do that, you’ll be able to choose more than one heritage.

Hope that helps!