Issue with Pathfinder Character Builder and Ability Boosts

At certain levels the Character builder gives Ability boosts. Level 5 there is no problem. I choose my 4 and move on. The problem starts at level 10… it only allows for 2 to be chosen as the 4 ability scores chosen at 5th only list “remove” as an option. This happens again at 15th level, where you cannot choose anything as all scores have been upgraded once and only show remove. Not sure if this is intended behavior, but it is no showing several incomplete items in the character builder that I cannot remove/complete.

I just started a new character (#10131)

Right after choosing my ancestry, I have 11… ELEVEN Boosts to distribute…

But I’m already deeply indebted even before starting

We’re aware of issues with ability boosts at higher class levels. This is known and something that’s on our list.

Sandman, I suspect you’re using the builder in Firefox here, yes? This is a known issue in Firefox that we’re looking into a fix for. Something to do with how the different browser handles the engines in the builder. This issue is currently isolated to Firefox. :slight_smile:

That might be the case… I’m fiddling with 4 different browser but had to reboot since then, I don’t exactly remember in which browser it was.

Unfortunately, this issue is not isolated to Firefox. It happens in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer as well.

Explorer or Edge? because Explorer is not supported by Microsoft since mid-2022, it might not be a good idea to spend time to try to make things work 100% on it.

Can you point to a character where you’re seeing it occur in Chrome? So far in our internal testing, we haven’t been able to replicate the issue on Chrome. I’d also be curious to see it in IE, if you have an example. :slight_smile:

I meant Edge

Thanks for this. Could you please share what character number this is? It should be the number at the end of the url in the builder/character sheet. And simply since two browsers were mentioned before, can you confirm which browser you just took this screenshot in? :slight_smile:

This is from Chrome. Character number is 10155.

Thanks! And to confirm, this is caused when you apply ability boosts while leveling up your character, yes? That’s what I’m gathering from where in the builder you are, but if it occurs earlier in the process, that would be helpful to know!

Yes, this accrues when leveling.

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I’m having the same problem with stat boosts at level 10. The character is 10314 I get the same issue on Firefox and Chrome… Here is a screen shot:

The boosts haven’t reset from level 5 so I can’t select properly, I only have the two options I didn’t select at level 5 and unselecting any of these undoes the level 5 boosts…

It seems like this last update introduced an issue where boosts from level ups can have those discrepancies in ability scores too. We’re looking into it. :slight_smile: