Issue with psychic dedication on inventor

I’m having an issue with the psychic dedication, when i choose it as a feat I’m unable to select my cantrip in character builder and I cant add it to the character sheet manually either. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this feature just not currently working? I’m new to pathfinder so maybe its a rule demiplane is accounting for that I don’t know about. I’m creating a base class weapon inventor and wanting to take distant grasp psychic dedication. Also I took psy dedication at level 2. If all that is allowed in the rules then I think that feat or the feature in character builder is broken. I’m also not sure if its only and effect of the class and dedication i chose or it all feats similar to the one i chose just not working. Thanks for any help!

Hello there! You’re quite right. I’m passing this along for our team to take a look.

This should now be fixed as of today’s release. Thank you for the report!

Thank you very much