Issue with symbiote and initiative

I have an issue with my Marcel Multiverse RPG characters sheet. My character has the symbiote origin, the situational awareness trait and spider sense power. However his character sheet only shows one edge in Initiative? Shouldn’t he have two? One from situational awareness and the other from spider sense?

Thanks for reporting this! Could you please share your character sheet with us here so we can take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes? :slight_smile:

My apologies, I thought that the number before the E under initiative meant the number of edges the character has, instead it is the bonus to the roll.

Quick question, how you roll for initiative? I select initiative but instead of the dice roller it opens a menu Do you roll a non combat vigilance?

It looks like that Initiative button isn’t showing up on mobile in a way that allows you to click it and roll dice (it works on larger screen sizes). We’ll take a look at it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for checking it out.