Issues I found with my Sheet

  • Speed increases from Feat and from Class are not applied
  • arrows and darts show up as individual items instead of a bundle.
  • the basic kits for classes should be available, to speed up adding items.
  • the website feels sluggish.

Hi there and welcome to Demiplane!

  • Speed increases: I’m not able to reproduce this on my end with some random choices of speed-boosting options. Could you let me know which options you’re seeing this with? I’d be happy to take a closer look!

  • Arrows & Darts (and other stackables): We aim to improve this as we do our upcoming pass on the equipment section!

  • Class Kits: This is planned!

  • Slow loading: We are continuing to work on improving load-times.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

This is my Monk. he should have 40 ft of speed

Thank you! Nimble Hooves should now be fixed, and I’ve logged an issue for the Monk–we currently don’t have a way to only grant you that speed bonus if you’re unarmored, so we’ll take a look at how we can support that outside of the note currently available. Thanks for the report!

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Monks at level 3 and higher should now be granted their Incredible Movement when unarmored!

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thank you.

I believe the speed bonus should be calculating correctly now. We’ve rolled out a fix. :slight_smile:

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