Issues I've Encountered

  • Canny Acumen doesn’t allow me to select which save to improve - has been fixed since I last looked!
  • Small oversight: Actions and Activities lists moves such as Stride, Fly, Burrow etc, but Climb and Swim are missing
  • I can’t add the spell Flashy Disappearance to my Sorcerer. Clicking Add closes the menu but leaves the “+prepare bloodline spellcasting” box empty.
  • I assume this is WiP, but selecting spells is very clunky. Click on em to read the description, click back and your list resets to top. There could at least be an Add spell button on the description page. (instead there’s an “Add” note button that keeps catching me out)
  • My shadow sorcerer should have all darkvision all the time - not a bug, just salty about it
  • Hi Mellie!

My testing character:

Thank you for the reports! (And hiiiiiiii bud :wink:)

I believe I’ve fixed the Flashy Disappearance spell, so you can give that one another shot when you have the time! We’ll take a look into the other, and I’ll pass along the suggestions for spell selection. :smiley:

Hey thanks! Flashy disappearance works now. But my spell save dc became flat 10?

I took a look at your character sheet and don’t see this happening on your character on my end. Can you confirm if this is still happening for you?

No, it’s correct now. But yesterday I refreshed, exited/reloaded the character tool, and it still said 10 every time. :person_shrugging: Thanks for looking!

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I’m glad it’s working now! If you notice that again, please let me know.