Items - Explorer's Clothing - Possible Duplicate & rendering issue

  • Character # 9541
  • OS: Linux
  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox & Vivaldi

When searching for the Explorer’s Clothing to add to a character, I saw two entries

The first (Clothing, Explorer’s) has a generic spiel about the explorers clothing and about 3/4 of the text about items levels, , bulk, etc… ie: wayyy to much text in the entry

The second one has the statistics for the Explorer’s Clothing as well as almost any rules about armor and wearing them.

Another issue is that some of the text is simply unreadable. I tried with or without Dark Mode and I see the same thing (no differences)


Thanks for reporting this! I’m not sure where the second instance of Explorer’s Clothing came from, but we’ll look into it.

I’m seeing similar duplications in feats and spells; multiple same-name entries with similar if not identical explanatory text.

Now, not only the duplicate is still there, but it’s an even weirder one… it’s now a Weapon??

Thanks for reporting this. I don’t think we’ve touched this particular issue yet, but I’ll make sure the team sees it. :slight_smile: