Just had my mind blown by Forge/Foundry

We just ran our first PF2e game in Foundry, the ruleset’s been built in an incredibly smooth way and all the conditions or status effects being taken into account automatically for rolls meant we could concentrate fully on gameplay rather than rules.
The Pathbuilder import facility worked really well, I hope there’s something on the roadmap for Nexus’s character builder to integrate with Foundry.


The pathbuilder-foundry import module was discontinued and shouldn’t work anymore, isn’t that right? What did you use for import?

There’s a module called Pathmuncher, by MrPrimate, which works really well; players need permission to create actors though or it throws a wobbly
It appears as a link at the top of the character sheets and can be used to add updates from your toon on Pathbuilder, so levelling or players forgetting to give themselves starting equipment are easily handled.

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More information can be found at this link

Fantastic piece of work and a major blessing.
Sorry I got the author wrong, I was on the bus to work and couldn’t check

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DnD Beyond had a lot of character scrapers written for it. It would really be nice if Nexus would just have a simple JSON export so there could be a simple JSON import created for PF2 on Foundry (and elsewhere).

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I’m hoping this will be somewhere on the road map. Considering the char builder is still in closed alpha, it may be some time