Label rolls Bestial Failure or Messy Critical

Unless I am missing where an option needs to be turned on for this it would be nice if the rolls showed if it could be Bestial Failure or Messy Critical. I am sure this has already been brought up right?!?!
(had an image of a roll done with DP VTM but new to forum and would not allow another image)

something like discord bots use…

I would prefer to have my new players use demiplane, but the awesome abilities of “free” discord bots supersedes all the cool aesthetics and references you all provide at this time.

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DP VtM roll

The key reason we don’t indicate things like messy criticals and failure states right now is because you need to know the number of required successes. On the above Demiplane dice roller image, it could be either a success or a failure, depending on number of successes you needed. While some Storytellers share that information before a roll, others don’t, so we needed to make a dice roller that can work for either scenario.

We have some planned work to continue developing the Vampire character tools, and my hope is that we’ll be able to work on the dice roller alongside that. :slight_smile:

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It is still a “state” that exists! Just whether it is used is up to the story teller. Having the information show something like potential messy crit or potential bestial failure seems to go in a better direction.

Thanks for the answer.

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You could use the bestial failure symbol though, instead of the success ankh. Something, anything to help call it out would be very appreciated! In fact, I truly, truly believe that just indicating that it’s a ‘bestial failure’ by displaying the words ‘bestial failure’ is better than not. The Storyteller and players would only apply it if it were in fact a failure, just as with dice. And indicating a difficulty level doesn’t matter for critical successes and messy criticals—primarily because critical successes add to the total number of successes only and have no bearing on passing or failing a test (and knowing whether it’s messy is very, very important). As a player who uses this, real dice AND discord bots in our games (and even a roll20 bot in the past), I find the Demiplane dice roller the most unusable since it’s the easiest to miss critical information. I understand there’s a lot in the pipeline at any time, so if I could make a recommendation: replacing the ankh with a skull on a 1 on a hunger die is the easiest way to convey information without committing to displaying whether a roll is a bestial failure or not.

Not to overstate it, but these mechanics - hunger, the beast, messy criticals - are at the heart of performing tests in Vampire the Masquerade. You know I love Demiplane, I know you know that from my past comments XD so i say this with much love - the dice roller as is downplays and diminishes a key part of an otherwise very satisfying system. I myself only tend to use it when participating in PbP portions of our games (in between sessions) if I’m out and don’t have access to my dice—and even then, I’m more likely to use the same Discord bot mentioned here because the clarity of information is much greater, and because my players can all see the rolls.

Sorry if I went overboard. Clearly I feel strongly about this. I doubt we’re the only ones :sweat_smile:

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I completely agree, but on behalf of Messy Crits. (and if we have one, we should have the other.)
But if we can’t have either (yet?), at least a Bestial Failure is more obvious, since it does show on the dice. Messy Crit is harder to “just look” because you have to have a crit before you can have a Messy Crit, and looking for two dice takes a moment longer than looking for one.
But, yes, overall, I do agree that showing the message regardless of threshold is better than waiting for threshold to be implemented.

I was using the Vampire Nexus dice roller just yesterday during a short RP and want to rescind some of my previous comments :sweat_smile: it’d been a while since I used it, and I forgot that the symbol for bestial failure does appear on the dice face. Maybe it’s familiarity, maybe it’s the little changes (like the details now showing up correctly when expanded) but I found the dice roller easier to use and interpret than I remembered. I still think that it should clearly communicate whether a roll includes a messy critical though!