Lack of one-handed strength-based melee weapons

There seems to be a lack of one-handed, strength-based melee weapons.

From all one-handed melee weapons, only the maces and gilded falchion are strength based. Everything else is agility based.

Is there a game reason for this?

I’d love to see one-handed longswords (strength) added.


I understand the feeling of lacking wapons, but, technically, there’s no need to have more than 1 One-Handed STR Weapon at level 1, since you can simply edit the name to reskin the weapon. And, there are only 2 agility OH Melee wapons (Saber and Shortsword which differs on damage), the others are Presence- (Rapier) and Finesse- (Dagger) based.
However, there is the Hallowed Axe if you have the Spellcast Ability, and some options on the upper levels:
As you have mentioned, the Gilded Falchion on T1, but also the Impact Gauntlet on T3, and Secondary Hand Knuckle Claws also on T3.

Besides that, by the looks of the playtest, Strength is slighly more related to resistance than to actual FORCE, while Agility seems more related to having the necessary skills/practice (such as Swordsmanship) to do something.

Strength: A high Strength score means you’re better at feats that test your physical prowess and bodily fortitude.
Those seem like the traits someone using a Hammer needs.

Agility: A high Agility score means you’re faster on your feet, nimbler on difficult terrain, and quicker to react to danger
Those seem like the traits someone using a Sword needs.