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Possibly the most frustrating aspect I’ve dealt with this year in Demiplane is the reader app. If I have a page open on my mobile device and I’m reading through a chapter, all seems fine until I set the book down. Maybe I go take the dogs for a walk, or take a break for whatever reason, but when I come back, I have to play the “where was I?” game. It’s frustrating as it is, but then Demiplane will also sometimes log me out, which creates another set of steps I have to jump through when I just want to pick my book back up.

The point of doing it all this way is, at least in part, to stave off piracy, so please make the experience at least as functional?


Thanks for sharing feedback.

Although staving off any piracy isn’t a goal of ours with the Digital Reader tool, we certainly want it to be an invaluable resource. The issues you’ve mentioned are all on our list to address before the Early Access phase ends.

Once we get there, places will be saved better, the login inconsistencies will be addressed, and we will also have additional features like bookmarking and annotations. We haven’t been able to focus on that part of the list because we have been heads-down working on the character tools, but we look forward to getting back to the Digital Reader once we have those in a stable place.

Thanks again!


I’ve found a funny little fix that works in Safari using my iPad—I haven’t tried it in other browsers yet. It’s not ideal, but I’ve found that when Demiplane logs you out after coming back to your browser… if you click the link to go to the Forums and then hit Back on your browser to return to the page you were on, it should return you to exactly where you left off. I don’t know why this works or if it’s unique to Safari… but there you go!

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I’ll definitely give that a shot!