Learning how to run PF2e (Beginner Box/Online)

I am learning how to run Pathfinder 2e and am looking for a few more people to run the beginner box. Around 2-4 more people is what I am interested in
The game is on Friday at 2pm MST and I use discord for communication and roll20 for the game
If interested reply with your discord username so I can send an invite to the server I am using

First time using Demiplanes forum so sorry if this looks awkward

How did the Adventure go?

Does Roll20 have the same quality version of “Menace Under Otari” as Foundry VTT?

Hey i will love to play and give you a chance to run and i have played dnd for avery long time and ran dnd just as long. But never played Pathfinder looking forward to it. Let me know if i can join your groups and day and time

Hi so I didn’t expect this forum to ever pop up
The Beginner Box campaign I had unfortunately already ran.

As for the difference between Roll20 and Foundry I don’t know since I only have ever used Roll20

Thats ok for i have only use discord and dnd beyond online gaming and mostly the old-fashioned way otherwise lol we can learn together