Legendary Bundle

Will we see something on the same order from Nexus?
I have never regretted mine on Beyond

Will there be an equivalent to the subscription model that Paizo uses for Nexus

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Hey @perverseness,

we will absolutely have a bundle. From our FAQ

A variety of product bundles will be made available over time, including an Ultimate Bundle that includes all Pathfinder official content, as well as bundles by book type - Rulebooks, Lost Omens, and Adventures. These bundles will be introduced later in the Early Access phase. Any money spent on pre-orders during Early Access will be credited to future bundle purchases once they are available.


Any chance the larger bundles will have an option to pay in multiple payments, to spread the cost over a paycheck or two?

Iā€™d like to say PayPal be integrated as a pay option so that I can use PayIn4.