Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition

So! Level Up: advanced fifth edition when? Lots of options, independent publisher. Large fanbase thats totally underserved…

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I wonder how they would manage (on the technical side) if there are multiple versions of 5e available. We know the 5E srd with character builder is probably coming, and we know that Tales of the Valliant is coming. How different will those be? Other options are available for each? Adding Level Up 5E (which I totally support your idea) adds a 3rd option. Perhaps there will be a setting, or will each need (essentially) its own character builder. All would likely be similar, but also different.

I’m excited to see how their 5e support builds.

I also want a Level up A5E character builder. Especially one that can then export into PDF. There is just so much going on with A5e that the only way to handle it now is to force players to make it on pencil and paper so they go over all the things they can specifically do.