Levelling issues with Investigator

I’ve created a rogue and ranger without much difficulty but selecting Investigator makes the browser freeze and if it comes back, setting level 20 has a similar issue. The one time I got the browser to respond again, it froze when trying to assign the four free stat boosts at 1st level.

Just had a bit more success but the Skill Feat list at level 2 is showing Alchemical Crafting as untrained even though it should be granted by my taking Alchemical Studies as my methodology. Not sure if this has been picked up elsewhere as I think I saw something about alchemical crafting not working.
Also, level 3 says I should get both a skill increase and skill feat but there aren’t any options for either.

Thanks for the feedback. We are aware of issues with Alchemical Crafting and looking into it. We’ll take a look into the other things you mentioned.

Is there an open defects list we can see to make sure we’re not seeing a known issue and avoid making more work for you?

Not presently. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. :slight_smile: