LF 5 Players for VTM Chronicle 10am - 1pm PST Every other Mon

Hey friends!

I am looking for more players for a Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition chronicle taking place from 10 am - 1 pm PST every other Monday.

General description of the chronicle: The Camarilla has largely dominated the Arizona territory for almost a century. During that time, they gained wealth, power, and loyalty from their subjects. However, with a recent assassination of the Prince, Anarchs gaining territory, and Thinbloods leaving the Cam to form their own faction, things have gotten spicy. To make matters worse, the Special Affairs Division has been seen scouting areas. This conflict needs to stop soon or they’ll all suffer the consequences.

Required experience level: None - Open to new players!

How to apply: Demiplane

Anything more?: If you are completely new to VTM, I can provide premade characters for you to choose from. Also, PBN is a living universe meaning there are other groups playing in the territory and their sessions can affect you and vice versa. The default story is Camarilla but if you’d like to play as Anarchs that is totally cool! On the same token, this is open to Hunter the Reckoning as well!