LFG, 2 players new to PF2E, MST timezone

Hey there, two players with many years of TTRPG experience who are getting into PF2E. Have been running a few smaller campaigns as GM’s but are looking for a more experienced GM to help us learn all the mechanics and details.

Generally open to Fri, Sat, Sun games but can do any day of the week after 7PM MST.

Please let me know if we sound like a good fit for your game, as we would love to join!

Hey @Huffmagic, would the idea be to do a full campaign or some one-shots? I could help on a Monday or Wednesday if it is for a one-shot. (My schedule is too hectic right now to commit to a campaign)

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We would be happy to do some one-shots. We are chomping at the bit to run anything! Would after 7PM MST work for your schedule on Monday or Wednesday?

Yeah, I’m on PST. Would your group prefer a 1st-level, 3rd-level or 5th-level one-shot?

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Since we are still just starting out, I think we should stick with 1st-level for now.

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What have you run so far, so that I don’t pick the same. And type of gameplay do you like most?

So far we have prepped for Abomination vaults, and done the beginner box with the characters we are going to run through that. We have also started all the prep for the Extinction Curse path. We haven’t done any of the stand alone one shots yet.

would Pathfinder 2e Nexus - Digital Reader - Threshold of Knowledge be a good fit? It starts very low on combat on the first half and ends up with several combat encounters on the second half.

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Yeah that would be awesome! Should we check out a players guide, or the adventures toolbox before we start, and are there any requirements for character creation? Or are there prefab chars?

For Threshold of Knowledge there are 5 prefab characters you could use, or you can create your own. I’d be fine with anything from the core rulebook, the advance player guide, and anything common or uncommon from the Mwangi Expanse. If you have a concept for a character outside of that let me know before hand and we can discuss it.

What are you using for character creation?

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Awesome! We have been wanting to make some Mwangi chars, so we will come up with some characters. And we have mostly been using a combination of dyslexic character sheet maker, physical, and Foundry.

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Perfect. Are we playing this Monday or next?

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I think next would be best so we can craft our chars fully. So far we are both thinking of playing Gnolls. One is a rogue, the other a barbarian. Does that sound okay?

That sounds great!

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Yay! Should we plan to have the char fully crafted or do you want to do a session zero and build them to fit with everything?

I will set up a demiplane and we can chat about the characters there to help shape them before the session. And I’ll be checking the demiplane throughout the week. I’ll set it tonight after work and share you the link.

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@huffmagic are you still looking?

I have jumped into the world of GMing myself, but would still love to join some games to gain more familiarity with the system, which is just a long way of saying: yeah!

I’m an experienced dnd dm with two experienced players. One of my players is experienced with pathfinder and has gmd both dnd and pathfinder one is new to pathfinder. Pathfinder is new for me.

Were looking for one or two more players who want to play with a group long term.

The only key would be I love to dm but I rarely play. Were all on pst and play late Friday or Saturday nights. Starting around 9-930 pst. I would be happy to run a pathfinder or dnd one shot to see how the group meshes if you two are interested.