LFG: Daggerheart (especially looking for DM!)

Hello hello!

This is my first time on Demiplane, but it is not my first time hanging out in a TTRPG forum. I’m looking for a group to play Daggerheart! I would prefer to be a player because tbh, I’m a forever DM for D&D and my only D&D game where I’m a player… is on hiatus. : (

I have not played Daggerheart yet, but I’ve watched all the videos about it, the one shots, and I’m super excited to try it out! I’d love to game with a group that is roleplay heavy, but I’m also fine with combat heavy since I’ll need to learn that too! I may need some hand-holding when it comes to rules at first but I catch on quick and I’m comfortable RPing with new people. I can fill but prefer to play a support type of role.