[LFG free] Player looking for Pathfinder 2 Game

Player looking for an online Pathfinder 2e game, new to the system but not to ttrpgs but starting out with a fresh game is probably best so I can learn the system but could probably go up to level 3. Availability is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday from 6pm-9pm and Saturday 10am-9pm; all times are GMT -8. I do have discord as well.

Figured I would update this with I am still looking, I have been reading most of the books and working on a few basic character ideas.

Figured with the Remaster coming out I would post again and say I am still looking for a game.

I’d suggest this isn’t the place to look. Org play tends to be the easiest way to jump in. pfschat.com

Hi there!

I just posted this thread if you’re still looking to play!