LFG, new player, GMT

Hello there!
I am diving into Pathfinder 2e, just like many recently. I’ve read a lot of material and figured out character creation (well, I think so). I am looking for oneshot or maybe twoshot to practice it out. However, if things go well, I am considering a long campaign.
About myself:
27, he/him, GMT+3. I have two years of experience in DnD 5e, love ttrpg with all my heart. I love rolling dice and crunching numbers as much as social interaction. Always share the spotlight, don’t go murderhoboing, and can provide a decent backstory for my character. Hope we will find each other!

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Hey @giasod,
I’m a GM who enjoys running one shots. I don’t have any currently planned but I’ll post on the forum whenever I do so you can be on the lookout. Alternatively, if you get a group of players together and are just missing a GM, feel free to tag me and we can see if our schedules match.

ok, great, good to know!