LFG New to PF2e

I am looking to join a PF2e game starting soon. I have only started learning this system but I am excited to play with a long campaign.
I am open to most times and days. I am EST.
I played DnD for decades.

Please DM me or post here if you are starting a new campaign and are ok with noob players.

Hello, I am new to PF2e, I have a Fantasy Grounds Classic, and Unity Ultimate license, and the PF2e bundles for a bunch of One shots, and multiple adventure paths once I can find a stable play group.

I am EST, would preferably want to play on Weekends midday, or Weekday nights 6pm to midnight.

I would like to take on the GM role but the last time I GM’d was in my teens on AD&D2e. Let me know if you’d be up to join a play session.

Here is my demiplane group invite link: Demiplane