LFG (Pathfinder:2e) New to Pathfinder with wealth of experience in other systems

Name is Chris (30). I am looking for a newbie friendly Pathfinder 2e group.

In the past I played variety of systems like Earthdawn, Savage Words or (probably not known to most) Neuroshima. Thanks to the pandemic I rekindled my RPG passion with the latest DnD edition but I am looking for something with more… mechanics based RP potential.

I read through the basics of P2E but I admit I will likely need some tutoring. As for what type of a player I am, I put role play and story telling above min-maxing damage potential or building optimal combination of feats. I enjoy interacting with NPCs and fellow PCs as much as combat and if I am playing a goblin or kobold you bet I am gonna use broken english and screechy voice.

I live in Japan (GMT+9) so Australia or New Zealand based groups would work best for me.

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